itoldyouiwouldeatyou is an multi-headed UK indie-punk/emo collective based all across the UK (though primarily London) Founded by vocalist Joey Ashworth a number of years ago as a solo bedroom project, the band has since grown, evolved and become a different beast all together. With the currently line-up featuring 2 guitars, bass, drums, synthesiser and trumpet as well as most of the group pitching in on vocals. Their full-band live shows are like nothing else; explosive, dynamic, at times moving but overall just loads and loads of fun. Their FBD debut "I Am Not Your Fault" is a monumental body of work; as catchy as it is thought provoking. Though only 5 tracks in length, the EP spans 23 minutes of dazzling twinkly emo, with lyricist Joey Ashworth's recognisable brand of honest, playful wordplay dancing on top of the wonderfully arranged wall of noise. Recorded and expertly mixed by Bob Cooper at Airtight Studios, this release truly showcases the best of everyone involved in it's creation - perfectly captured drum parts grab your attention while the precision mixed guitars delicately guide your journey. The band released a flurry of singles in 2017; "Mourn" and "Divine Violence" presented their most confrontational work so far, addressing vocalist Joey’s experiences of being discriminated against as non-binary and bisexual, while also taking aim at what the band sees as “cowardly” centrism in British politics. Dealing with issues of alienation and the pervasiveness of an often troubling, prevailingly-capitalist system in modern society, the new material examines the lack of separation between the personal and political, often drawing directly from the band’s own experiences. All fair game in the band’s art are topics of living life and forging relationships in the delicately balanced new geo-political landscape of 2018, exploring gender identity and sexuality, and the prevalence of mental health issues that are being fostered by the unnatural systems we surround ourselves with. This new work might seem a radical leap from 2016 EP ‘I Am Not Your Fault’, but whilst the band might be shifting their tone in some places, they continue to flourish musically, delving further into their post-hardcore influence, all the while maintaining their talent for balancing intricacy with catchy hooks.  itoldyouiwouldeatyou tour dates