itoldyouiwouldeatyou joins the FBD Family - Aug 10, 2016

We've signed itoldyouiwouldeatyou! They're an awesome 7-piece emo band based all over the UK

Their new record "I Am Not Your Fault" is released Sept 23rd on Sky Blue (/150) and Pale Green (/100) 12" Vinyl. Pre-orders, including a bundle with T-Shirt and cassette, are live now: ☁️


"Get Out Of Bed" Music Video - Directed By Ben Pollard. All pre-orders come with a download of this song.

IANYF is a monumental body of work; as catchy as it is thought provoking. Though only 5 tracks in length, the EP spans 23 minutes of dazzling twinkly emo, with lyricist Joey Ashworth's recognisable brand of honest, playful wordplay dancing on top of the wonderfully arranged wall of noise. The band performs as a 7 piece, with most of the group pitching in on vocal duties as well as, among other things, incorporating trumpets and synthesisers into the mix. The end result is truly something.

Recorded by Bob Cooper at Airtight Studios, this release truly showcases the best of everyone involved in it's creation - expertly captured drum parts grab your attention while the perfectly mixed guitars delicately guide your journey. itoldyouiwouldeatyou excel on this EP, we couldn't be more pleased to have IANYF as FBD014.

1. Off Brand
2. Get Out Of Bed
3. All That Noise
4. Less Now
5. Letters

What's more they head out on a run of dates with Cassels next month too, who have a cool release out with our pals Big Scary Monsters soon. Click here for dates: