We've Signed A New Band Called Guillotine - Nov 24, 2016

We're pleased announced the signing of Guillotine; and with it pre-orders for “Sapphire”, the band’s debut release.

The 5 track emotional-rollercoaster, recorded earlier in 2016 with producer Hamish Dickinson, packs a hell of a punch and is set for release worldwide February 24th 2017, both digitally and on super limited 12” Vinyl. On the EP Guillotine achieve exactly what they set out to do - inject a raw, uncompromising sound to a dwindling alternative rock scene.

Debut single “Sapphire” is as much a mission statement as it is a lead track; perfectly showcasing the band’s already recognisable songwriting style - switching with no difficulty whatsoever between pretty, introspective melodies to colossal explosions of sound all the while remaining grippingly memorable.

Watch the stunning video for the debut single and EP namesake “Sapphire” below

Pre-orders for the band's new record are available on the FBD Webstore now. A range of merch bundle options are available. All orders come with an immediate digital download of "Sapphire" https://hyperurl.co/wellbeokhere