NEW SIGNING: Heavy Hearts - Jul 21, 2017

We're over the moon to tell you about our first new signing of 2017 - Heavy Hearts, hailing from Niagara, Canada

As soon as we heard their new record we knew we had to a new FBD Family member in our midst. The sound the band creates captures exactly what FBD's about - raw, exciting, uncompromising rock music with an edge that keeps you coming back for more time and time again.

Along with this announcement, we're excited to show you the band's new single/video "Unravel (Your Love)", premiering now on New Noise Magazine. The track itself completely sets the mood from what's come come on the band's forth-coming release - dark, moody, but ultimately optimistic. Check the video below now: 

"Unravel (Your Love)" is available on all streaming/download services now, CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT


The band is currently out on tour across the US now with Fossil Youth and Sleep In. If you're local to a date, get to the gig!


Finally, to close off this announcement, we're excited to let you know we're teaming up with New Damage Records for the release of the band's next release (more on that soon) On a personal note; ND is a label we've held in high-regard for a long time so to be working with them on this is a total treat.


Go follow Heavy Hearts on all solical media now on the follwoing links: FACEBOOK - TWITTER - INSTAGRAM