Lightcliffe Make Their Radio 1 Debut. - Nov 04, 2017

Lightcliffe will make their radio debut this Sunday on the Daniel P Carter Rock show. Their new single 'Staring At Your Bedroom Floor' has been added to the playlist for the show marking a new chapter for the band. 

Ben from the band recently expalined to DIY what the song is written about. 

"I guess it’s one of more pop sounding tracks we’ve ever written. We had written it before the last release, it’s why we named the two-track ‘Mistakes I Seem To Make’ as a little nod toward what’s to come.

“It’s difficult for us to ever say what our songs mean, our writing process makes it so. But, it’s sort of about the struggle of being with someone and battling your own self-worth. The song name suggests a sort of helplessness, feeling lost and looking on. It’s also about the state of Jimmy’s bedroom floor and how messy it can get."

This track follows on from the 2016’s ‘Mistakes I Seem To Make’, Lightcliffe's new record 'For A While' is out November 24th and you can pre-order the record here.